NPM 4 – Get Involved! Be Part of Something Larger

Ways to become involved:

  • Help get your business, campus, faith-based organization and community prepared for an emergency.
  • Take SKYWARN training and become a trained weather spotter.
  • Develop a preparedness program for your business, campus, house of worship to plan for and reduce the impact of disasters.
  • Know how to get in touch with family/friends if the phones are down. Have an out of state contact and text instead of calling and mark yourself as safe on social media.
  • Faith-based venues can become targets. Protect your congregation and house of worship by preparing for emergencies.
  • Sign up to receive emergency notifications by phone, email or text message. For Guernsey County, find the picture of the cell phone and click on it.
  • You can also sign up for free Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAS) on your cell phone- (look for the app on your phone).