Flood Safety

Graphics complements of Protect America

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of all flash flood fatalities nationwide involve vehicles?  Saving your life can be as simple as TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN.  Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways.

Even is shallow water, tires can act as flotation devices.  It takes only two feet of water to float a 3,000-pound car.

Water covering roadway may be hiding washed-out bridges or gouged-out roadbeds.  Driving across, you may not be driving on a road.  Click here to see a short video that shows how quickly a road or bridge can wash out.

In rainy weather, be alert and stay tuned to local radio or TV.

Sign-up for local mass notifications system.  In Guernsey County you can register here to get local information by phone, text, email, TTY, and fax.  You choose the way you wish to be notified.  If you need help, call the Guernsey County EMA at 740-432-9292 or send us an email at ema@guernseycounty.org.

Do not attempt to cross flooded roads or streams on foot.  It can take as little as six inches of water to knock and adult off his feet.  Water may be flowing faster that it appears.

Never allow children to play near ditches and storm drains.

During stormy weather, do not camp or park vehicles along streams or washes.

Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to see flood dangers.