Guernsey County EMA Promotes Emergency Notification System at the Older Adult Extravaganza

The Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency had a booth at the Older Adult Extravaganza on May 10th at the Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center.  The purpose of the booth was to promote the Guernsey County Emergency Notification System.  A big thank you to EMA Volunteers Mark Jenei and Marigold Marsh for spending their day at the booth talking to visitors about the advantages of being enrolled in the system.

For those those citizen that are unaware of the Emergency Notification System:

This is a free service to all members of the community.  We are working to get more and more of our local jurisdictions using the system.  Cambridge Water is currently using this to send messages to their customers about water shut downs, hydrant flushing, and boil orders.  This is a great opportunity to get signed up so that you are receiving these messages.  It another was to get the message out to the community in the event that you missed announcements on the local radio station.

It is very easy to signup.  Go to and click on the image of a cell phone Click Here to sign up for Guernsey County Notification System.  This will take you directly to the opt-in page.  Go through the forms and complete your information.  You must enter your name, address, and methods of contacting you.  However, the rest of the information is optional as to what you wish to record.  This does give you the perfect opportunity to complete a disaster plan for yourself and your household where you can log-in from anywhere there is internet service.  The information is completely confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone.

If you have any questions about this system, please do not hesitate to call the Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency at 740-432-9292.