NPM 3 – Practice and Build Out Your Plans

Week 3: September 17-23 Practice and Build Out Your Plans

  • Here some suggestions:
    • Maintain an emergency savings account for use in case of emergency.
    • Know how to access community resources- (shelters, food banks, etc.).
    • Make digital copies of important documents and save them on a flash drive or a secure cell phone.
    • Participate in emergency drills at school, work, or other places.
    • Practice an emergency drill at home as well.
    • Have at least a one-week supply of medications on hand.
    • Check your insurance policies- do you need to add flood insurance? What types of emergencies does your policy cover?
    • Keep your emergency supply kit up to date and your Go Bag.
    • Plan alternate routes in case of evacuation.
    • Look around your home for better ways you can be prepared for disasters. (Trim dead tree branches, elevate your appliances several inches off the basement floor, secure outdoor items from wind, etc.).